EMIR and REMIT: Reports From the Coal Face as Reporting Deadlines Get Closer

With the EMIR reporting deadline approaching and REMIT reporting expected to begin next year, time is running out to get the first phase of a trade reporting solution up and running. Not only do market participants need to source all of the data they are required to report, they also need to select trade repositories to store the data and ensure compliance with both REMIT and EMIR.

While requirements continue to evolve, issues such as the Unique Trade Identifier (UTI) remain unresolved. Participants also need to prepare for the post-live environment and ensure that supporting systems and  processes are implemented. 

In this webinar we addressed some of these topics including: 

EMIR trade reporting: 

  • How is the process of reporting going among firms that have already begun adhering to the new requirements? 
  • How are firms preparing to report for EMIR? 
  • What EMIR compliance problems have clients encountered to date? 

REMIT trade reporting: 

  • How will firms report under REMIT and how well-prepared are they for this task? 
  • To what extent can REMIT obligations be combined with those under EMIR? 
  • What challenges are firms encountering with REMIT? 


  • Mark Pengelly, Editor, Energy Risk 


  • Aviv Handler, Managing Director, ETR Advisory 
  • Peter Boldt, Project Manager, Trade Reporting, E.ON Energy Trading 
  • David Priestley, Managing Director, CubeIntelligence, OpenLink