<p>Driving ROI for Refiners</p>

Driving ROI for Refiners

A new study by research firm Hobson & Company reveals that OpenLink’s comprehensive ETRM liquid and bulk commodities solution delivers multi-million dollar ROI for refiners.

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<p>Rethinking Treasury</p>

Rethinking Treasury

New white paper by OpenLink & Baringa for commodity intensive corporates makes the case for integrating Treasury & commodity risk management.

<p>Refiners and Margin Management</p>

Refiners and Margin Management

Outmaneuver Volatile Oil – a new white paper features best practices for managing risk for refiners.

<p>Etihad Airways </p>

Etihad Airways 

The airline will use OpenLink to consolidate its fuel risk management and Treasury business onto a single, strategic platform.

<p>Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka</p>

Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka

OpenLink’s derivatives solution to help streamline the bank’s tech landscape and improve efficiency.